Master Cook

The master cook is a contest that could be played up to 60 persons.

This contest can be done in different spaces: restaurant, old palate house or olive oil mill.

The activity consists in to cook three different recipes by teams. Every dish will be judge by a jury and one team will be the winner.

The big group will be divided in small groups (10-12 persons groups). Each subgroup will place on each cooking station, where it will find all the elements, household and aliments to prepare the dishes.

In two hours each tram should cook the three recipes and serve a small portion in a serving plate for the jury.

Each team will be assisted by one person of our staff (English speaking) but they could not touch the food or prepare anything. This person will encourage the team to cook together and to make team building. As well she/he help the team with small tips.

Once the time finish the jury, composed by at least one person of our staff and one person of your organisation, will discuss about the presentation, taste, innovation, team building and cleaning of each team.

The winner team will be those that have the maximum number of points.

The dishes prepared by the teams will be eaten by each team (in a tapa portion).

In addition, guest will eat a 1 hour 15 minutes cocktail with 12 different types of canapés + 1 as dessert.


  • Welcome drinks (non alcoholic).
  • Recipe explanation in the chosen language.
  • Dossier with the recipes.
  • Contest activity.
  • 100 min. cocktail + beverages.
  • Cocktails dessert.

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